Disability Rights Connecticut (DRCT) was established to advocate for the civil and human rights of people with disabilities in Connecticut.  DRCT advocates for people with all types of disabilities and of all ages within the mandates and requirements established by federal statutory mandates.  DRCT responds to all requests for Information and Referral, regardless of disability but limits more intensive individual and systemic advocacy to people with disabilities who meet funding mandates and established priorities.  Please click on this Programs & Services link for more information about DRCT programs and eligibility requirements. 


Services provided by DRCT are free and confidential.

  1. The point of entry for all requests for assistance is through the intake process. There are a number of ways to make a request:

  • Call

    (860) 297-4300 (voice)

    (800) 842-7303 (toll-free CT)

    (860) 509-4992 (videophone)

  • E-mail: Info@disrightsct.org

  •  U.S. Mail

    Disability Rights Connecticut

    846 Wethersfield Ave.

    Hartford, CT 06114

  • Walk-in: Walk-ins are accepted, but please make an appointment ahead of time so we can have a staff member available and please make it known if an accommodation is needed.

We respond to each request in the order it is received. Please allow 1-3 business days for a response. Letters received via mail will be assigned within 3 days of receipt and responded to within 7 days.

2.    Each request is assigned to an intake advocate. The intake advocate will ask you for contact and demographic (i.e. race, gender) information. The advocate will also ask you for the  details of your request for assistance. The demographic information that DRCT collects is required for reports to our funding sources about the populations of people we are serving.

3.    All requests for assistance receive at least an information and referral level of assistance.  Requests that meet DRCT mandates or focus areas, may receive additional assistance.  The intake advocate will provide more information about the process, when necessary. 

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Issues Not Handled By Disability Rights Connecticut

The following is a list of issues not handled by Disability Rights Connecticut.  This is not an exhaustive list and other factors may be considered when making determinations about case representation:

  • Issues unrelated to an individual’s disability with the exception of employment related issues for Social Security Beneficiaries.

  • Bankruptcy

  • Criminal law

  • Family law (divorce, child custody)

  • Financial Assistance – we do not provide monetary benefits

  • Utilities/Phone/Other Bills,

  • Rental or Mortgage Assistance

  • Property Tax

  • Identity Theft

  • Eviction

  • Malpractice – medical, attorney or other

  • Mortgage Foreclosures

  • Obtaining Guardianship or Conservatorship  

  • Personal Injury

  • Property Law

  • Social Security Disability Determination

  • Wills.