Disability Rights Connecticut, Inc. (DRCT) is an advocacy organization dedicated to identifying and eliminating the barriers that people with disabilities face in exercising their civil, legal and human rights.  As Connecticut’s protection and advocacy system (P&A), DRCT works to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, their families and our community.

On January 20, 2017, pursuant to Public Act 16-66, Governor Dannel Malloy issued a Public Notice of his intent to designate Disability Rights Connecticut, Inc. (DRCT) to be the “protection and advocacy system” for Connecticut. The designation creates an independent organization that is free from government influence, a requirement of the federal laws authorizing the “protection and advocacy systems.”  Economic realities of the current budgetary climate also contributed to the closure of the state agency and the opening of DRCT, an organization that receives no state funding.

DRCT was incorporated solely for the purpose of being the successor protection and advocacy system for Connecticut.  Staff are in the process of developing processes and policies, hiring additional staff and of course, responding to people with disabilities, families, policymakers, guardians/conservators and others concerned about disability issues.